Inflation Services

We provide inflation service for balloons ordered from our website. Please read below before placing order:

Place your order at least 3 days in advance/check availability by selecting the date.

Please see below for our inflation charge [Balloon not included]

10 or less Balloons Set


10-20 Balloons Set

20-40 Balloons Party Pack

40-60 Balloons Party Pack

60-80 Balloons Party Pack

80-100 Balloons Party Pack

More than 100 Balloons Party Pack

- Please note that we will use helium according to the balloon set / party pack, some specific decorative balloons in the set / pack will be inflated with helium, not all balloons are inflated with helium (Some balloons are NOT compatible with helium & not floatable with helium. to check with us, click chat with us at the bottom right).

-Please note that the inflatable service is only available from Monday to Friday (pick-up on weekends, but no inflatable service), please schedule for self collection 1 to 2 hours prior your actual event to ensure balloons are at their freshest point. Floating time varies depending on the type and size of balloons (depending on the storing environment, weather condition/temperature and handling method).

- Please note that currently we do not provide helium service for your own self-sourced balloons as we are unable to guarantee the quality of your self-sourced balloons.

- Helium is sensitive to temperature changes. Cold air causes the helium to shrink, which makes the balloon appear to deflate. Heat can cause the helium to expand and the balloon to burst. For helium balloons to last longer, put it in cooling places ( 20°C is recommended) and avoid hot places/surfaces (e.g. car boot, under the hot sun or metal surfaces). Balloons may pop/deflate when the air inside expands much more than it could hold, especially for foil balloons as the material is non-stretchable.