The Cars Birthday Party Set

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Introducing "The Cars Birthday Party Set" – the ultimate party pack for your little speed demon's special day! This complete set includes everything you need to throw a roaringly fantastic Cars-themed celebration.

Get ready to decorate with our striking 1 Cars-themed poster, featuring vibrant colors and beloved characters from the hit animated movie. This eye-catching poster will instantly transform any space into a Cars wonderland, setting the perfect ambiance for your little one's birthday bash.

But that's not all – our party set comes with a whopping 40 balloons in mixed colors, making it easy to create a delightful and festive atmosphere. These high-quality balloons are made from Aluminum Film and Latex materials, ensuring durability and vibrant colors that will mesmerize both kids and adults alike. Simply inflate them with air or helium, and watch as your party space comes alive with a burst of color and fun.

To add an extra touch of excitement, we have included a special 5-inch car-shaped balloon – the perfect addition to any Cars-themed celebration. This unique balloon, featuring a cute car design, will surely be a hit with all the young racecar enthusiasts at the party.

And to top it off, our set includes two star-shaped balloons to add a touch of sparkle to your decorations. These five-pointed star balloons are perfect for creating a magical and whimsical ambiance, making your little one feel like the star of the show on their special day.

This Cars Birthday Party Set is a must-have for any Cars-loving child. Whether you're hosting a small gathering at home or throwing a grand celebration, this set will save you time and effort in sourcing individual party supplies. With the poster, 40 mixed-color balloons, 5-inch car balloon, and two star-shaped balloons, you can create an unforgettable party experience that will leave your child and their guests racing with joy.

So, gear up and make your child's birthday celebration a revved-up, Cars-themed extravaganza with "The Cars Birthday Party Set"!

Set incl:
Poster x 1, Balloon (mixed color) x 40, 5 inch car balloon x 1, Five-pointed star x 2

Materials:Aluminum Film & Latex balloons

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Excellent balls

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Excellent quality

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Super, bright! And fast delivery.