Halloween Haunted House - Party Set

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Enter the world of spooky fun with our Halloween Haunted House - Party Set! This party set is designed to elevate your Halloween celebrations and create an eerie atmosphere that will send chills down your spine. With a variety of balloons, bats, and other spooky decorations, this set will transform any space into a haunted house that is sure to impress your guests.

First, let's start with the centerpiece of the set - the 16-inch "BOO" letter balloon. This giant balloon will instantly grab everyone's attention with its bold and captivating design. Hang it on the wall or use it as a photo backdrop to set the perfect Halloween mood.

To complement the theme, we have included 112-inch light green balloons. Their vibrant color will add a touch of enchantment, reminiscent of ghostly apparitions. Combine them with the 1012-inch orange, purple, and polka dot balloons to create a captivating balloon arch or scatter them around the room to enhance the eerie ambiance.

For an extra special touch, we have included a 1012-inch clear confetti balloon. Simply fill it with our provided confetti to create a mesmerizing balloon that will delight and surprise your guests. The confetti will dance and twinkle in the air, adding a whimsical element to your haunted house.

No Halloween party is complete without bats, and our set includes both black smiley bats and paper bats. Hang the 1 black smiley bat to bring a playful and mischievous element to your decor. The 12 paper bats can be scattered on the walls, ceiling, or staircase to create a spine-tingling effect as they seemingly hover in mid-air.

To further enhance the atmosphere, we have included 105-inch black balloons. These balloons will add a touch of sophistication and mystery to your party. Combine them with the 65-inch orange and purple balloons to create an eye-catching balloon bouquet that will amaze your guests.

Last but not least, the 65-inch eye balloon will add a thrilling element to your decorations. Its eerie eyeball design will create a sense of being watched, leaving your guests with a sense of unease as they explore your haunted house.

With our Halloween Haunted House - Party Set, you have everything you need to create a truly unforgettable Halloween experience. Whether you're hosting a party or just want to transform your home into a haunted spectacle, this set is sure to make a lasting impression. So, get ready to spook and scare with our meticulously crafted decorations and create memories that will send shivers down your guests' spines.

Set incl:
16 inch boo letter balloon x 1, 12 inch Light Green Balloons x 10, 12 inch orange balloon x 10, 12 inch purple balloon x 10, 12 inch Polka Dot Balloons x 10, 12 inch clear confetti balloon x 10, 5 inch black balloon x 6, 5 inch orange balloon x 6, 5 inch purple balloon x 6, 5 inch eye balloon x 10, Black Smiley Bat x 1, Paper Bat x 12

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Michael Coffey

I haven’t inflated yet but it looks good Can’t wait for halloween