Iron Man - Party Set

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Introducing our ultimate Iron Man - Party Set that is bound to make your little superhero's birthday celebration an unforgettable experience! This incredible package includes everything you need to transform your party venue into a thrilling Marvel adventure.

First and foremost, we present to you the Iron-Man Poster, an impressive 150 x 100 cm masterpiece that showcases the iconic Iron Man in all his glory. This vibrant and high-quality poster will instantly set the tone for your superhero-themed party, creating a captivating ambiance that will delight all the guests.

To add an extra touch of excitement, we bring you the Iron-Man Birthday pull flag, designed specifically to celebrate your little one's special day. This flag features the fearless Iron Man, ready to save the day, and will surely be the center of attention as it proudly hangs in your party venue.

No birthday celebration is complete without delicious treats, and that's why we have included the Iron-Man Cupcake Flags in this party set. With 12 adorably designed flags, these cupcake toppers will become the cherry on top of your delectable creations. Let your little guests indulge in some superhero sweetness as they devour their cupcakes adorned with their favorite Avenger.

Get ready to elevate the party atmosphere with the Iron-Man Balloons! With a total of 18 balloons, featuring three different designs of six balloons each, your venue will be filled with vibrant colors and superhero vibes. Let the Iron Man balloons soar high above, adding an extra touch of visual appeal to your celebration.

The Iron-Man Birthday Cake Flag is an absolute must-have for your little hero's cake. This flag will proudly wave above the delicious confection, ensuring that all eyes are on the star of the show - your child's birthday cake. Create an unforgettable memory by capturing countless photos with the Iron Man Birthday Cake Flag as a stunning backdrop.

To further enhance the party experience, we also include six Iron-Man Hanging cards. These cards can be strung across the room, adding a dynamic element to your party decor. Coupled with the vibrant balloons and heroic poster, these hanging cards will create a truly immersive Iron Man world for your guests, truly immersing them in the Marvel universe.

Last but certainly not least, the Big Iron-Man Balloon is here to make a grand entrance! Standing tall and proud, this oversized balloon is sure to leave your guests in awe. Its striking design and impressive size will make it the focal point of your party, instantly grabbing everyone's attention and setting the stage for an epic celebration.

This Iron Man - Party Set is a complete package that ensures every aspect of your little hero's birthday party is covered. From the immersive decorations to the captivating backdrop, this set will create a superhero experience like no other. Prepare to embark on an adventure alongside Iron Man and his fellow Avengers, and give your child a birthday celebration they will cherish forever.

Set incl:
Iron-Man Poster (150 x 100 cm) x 1, Iron-Man Birthday pull flag x 1, Iron-Man Cupcake Flag x 12, Iron-Man Balloons x 18 (3 types of 6 each), Iron-Man Birthday Cake Flag x 1, Iron-Man Hanging card x 6, Big Iron-Man Balloon x 1

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All perfect as description, in advance