Tangled - Party Set

Introducing the magnificent "Tangled - Party Set," a complete package that guarantees an unforgettable celebration to immerse you in the enchanting world of Rapunzel. This extraordinary party set comprises an array of visually stunning and excellent quality items that will transform any event into a whimsical and delightful affair that girls of all ages will adore.

Setting the stage for a truly magical occasion are the HD Inkjet Posters that come included in the set. At an impressive size of 1.5 x 1 meter, these posters showcase vibrant and high-definition images of Rapunzel and her charming companions, bringing the beloved characters to life and immersing everyone in the enchanting atmosphere of the Tangled story.

To amplify the dainty and feminine ambiance, this party set includes a vast assortment of balloons in various delightful colors. Make a dazzling statement with the 10-inch pink balloons, numbering an impressive 25, while the luscious purple balloons, also 10 inches in size, grace the set with a total of 30. Furthermore, the inclusion of 5 10-inch white balloons brings a touch of elegance and purity to the decoration, while the 10 5-inch pink balloons and 10 5-inch purple balloons add a whimsical and fairytale-like charm.

To enhance the overall aesthetics, the Tangled - Party Set offers an assortment of exquisite paper flowers. With a total of 3 dozen paper flowers in various shades of pink, these delicate embellishments add a touch of ethereal beauty to the event, perfectly complementing the enchanting ambiance inspired by Rapunzel's magical world.

To ensure easy setup and effortless presentation, the set also includes a balloon holder, thus keeping the balloons fixed and adding stability to the decorations throughout the festivities. This thoughtful addition ensures that your party goes smoothly, allowing you to focus on enjoying the magical experience alongside your guests.

With the Tangled - Party Set, you can create an immersive, photo-ready ambiance that will astound your guests and leave lasting memories. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, a baby shower, or simply planning a Tangled-themed soirée, this exceptional party set is guaranteed to capture the hearts of everyone in attendance, captivating them in a world of fantasy and joy.

Bring the magical world of Tangled to life and create an unforgettable celebration with the Tangled - Party Set. Experience the true spirit of Rapunzel's tale, as it intertwines with your special occasion, creating a fairy-tale atmosphere that will forever remain in the hearts of all who attend.

Set incl:
HD Inkjet Poster 1.5 x 1m, 10 inch pink balloon x 25, 10" Purple Balloon x 30, 10 inch white balloon x 5, 5 inch pink balloon x 10, 5 inch purple balloon x 10, Paper flowers x 3, 12 inch pink balloon x 1

Customer Reviews

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Zenobia Darwin

Everything came before the deadline, which is nice. There was no way to try it yet. I want to believe that it will easily inflate, and will please the child.

Brady Bridges

The shop is very helpful. I asked for help to deliver in 3 days for my daughter’s birthday and it arrived on time Colors are beautiful. Thank you so much!

Ira Yule

perfect and Fast Delivery