Tiffany Balloon - Party Set

Experience the ultimate party ambiance with the Tiffany Balloon - Party Set. This extraordinary package includes an HD Tiffany gift poster and an assortment of stunning balloons and accessories to make your celebration one-of-a-kind.

The set features an 11 set of irregular balloon chains, spanning approximately 3 meters, creating a whimsical and eye-catching display. The Basic balloon bag includes 5-inch rubber balls in Standard White (40 pieces), Standard Sea Blue (100 pieces), and Standard Black (10 pieces), ensuring a versatile color palette for your party decorations.

For larger balloon accents, the set also includes NEO 10 inch rubber balls in Standard White (20 pieces) and Standard Sea Blue (30 pieces). These balloons add volume and visual impact to your overall decor, guaranteeing a memorable experience for your guests.

Enhance your party aesthetics with the 16-inch balloon in standard white, providing an elegant touch to your balloonscape. The set also includes black and white agate 11-inch balloons, adding a contemporary and sophisticated flair to your celebration. As an extra touch of glamour, the package includes 4D square aluminum balloons in silver, measuring 24 inches, creating a mesmerizing effect that is sure to impress.

To add a touch of luxury, the set includes a 4cm-wide glossy ribbon in the iconic Tiffany color, providing a stylish and refined accent to your balloon arrangements. The inclusion of a stretch bobo balloon in various sizes, with intricate silver sequins measuring 51cm in diameter, guarantees a surreal and dazzling effect that will captivate your guests.

The helium floating ball set brings an ethereal and enchanting element to your event, enhancing the overall ambiance. As an additional accessory, the set provides 2cm-wide glossy satin ribbons in white (4 pieces) and silver (10 meters), allowing you to create intricate and delicate bows to elevate your decorations to the next level.

To complete the package, the Tiffany Balloon - Party Set offers a stunning silver balloon pendant, providing a luxurious and decorative touch to your overall setting.

Please note that this product includes special accessories that require custom shipping arrangements. It is recommended to contact us before purchasing to ensure a seamless delivery process.

Create a magical and unforgettable atmosphere with the Tiffany Balloon - Party Set. Perfect for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and any special occasion, this set guarantees to transform your event into a glamorous and extraordinary celebration. Spark joy and wonder in your guests as you bring the elegance and charm of Tiffany to life.

Set incl:
HD Tiffany gift poster x 1, 1 set of irregular balloon chains (about 3 meters)Basic balloon bag: NE0 5 inch rubber ball:Standard White x 40 / Standard Sea Blue x 100 / Standard Black x 10, NEO 10 inch rubber ball: Standard White x 20 / Standard Sea Blue x 30, NEO 16 inch balloon standard white x 5, Decorative bag: 11 inch balloon black and white agate x 32, 4 Inch 4D Square Aluminum Balloons Silver x 24cm wide glossy ribbon Tiffany color x 1 roll, Stretch Bobo Balloon: 10'' x 3pcs / 12'' x 51cm round silver sequins 50g, Helium floating ball x 1, 2cm wide glossy satin ribbon white x 4, Silver Ribbon 10m, Balloon pendant silver x 1

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bingo,this is what i want

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my girlfriend loves this, thanks for fast shipping and help

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This is the most perfect product